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JAEL $320

The Keratin hair Treatment that JAEL  use is an innovative process that transforms the hair without chemically altering the hair strands, but by sealing the hair in keratin. Keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails. The use of a keratin-based product adds moisture and strength to hair damaged by blow drying, coloring, and traditional relaxers.

What is the difference between a traditional relaxer and the Keratim Hair treatment? Traditional relaxers work by breaking the hair bonds and permanently changing the molecular structure of the hair. This method of straightening weakens and dehydrates the hair ultimately causing irreversible damage. Once the damage is done the only options are either learning to live with the poor results or cutting the hair.

Furthermore, if your hair is color treated, processed, or already in poor condition the use of a traditional relaxer is strongly discouraged.

Keratin Hair treatment offers a gentle, commitment free alternative to anyone that wants to relax their hair but would like to avoid the destructive results of a traditional straightener. Our innovative treatments will never break the hair bonds, instead they will form a protective coating over the hair that will impart a brilliant shine.

At JAEL BEVERLY HILLS SALON our Keratin based formulas will rebuild and strengthen the hair while locking in moisture and leaving it absolutely frizz free. Our treatments are effective on all hair types and can be used over color treated, processed, damaged, or previously relaxed hair.

The results will last 2 to 6 months and it will gradually wash out of the hair without leaving any lines of demarcation. The Keratin is the perfect solution for anyone that wants healthy and manageable hair.

While the Keratin hair treatment is not the only means of performing a hair straightening, it has been proven to be one of the ONLY products to adhere to standards and therefore is considered safe to use according to the outlines provided by the CIR...Our is also one of the only manufacturer who uses a liquid base spray-on formula unlike our competitors who use products that leave a thick, heavy coating on the hair.


The Steps To Smoother Hair

The pre-treatment step removes surface buildup and prepares the cuticle, lifting its overlapping layers to allow the treatment to penetrate the hair.

During application, the keratin treatment penetrates into the hair's cuticle. Hydrolyzed keratin strengthens keratin bonds from within, helps repair damage, and smoothes the hair shaft.

Keratin and additional conditioning agents help nourish and strengthen the hair, while restoring smoothness and shine.

The hair shape is further adjusted with the assistance of heat—first with a blow-dryer and finally with a flat iron. This final step helps seal in the treatment to create a humidity-resistant finish.

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